Tuesday, 10 May 2011

musings and an introduction

There is an incredible amount of pressure that comes with composing your first ever blog post, even if you don't have a single hangup about anything, even if your self-esteem is rock-solid, even if you think you're hilarious and interesting.  So you can imagine the paroxysms of panic that are gripping me right now!  Here's my biggest fear - I think I'm funny but I also come across as this kind of super-ADD/in love with parentheses/drive you to distraction lunatic.  And while my family has to love me for that I know y'all don't have to do the same.  So - if you'll indulge me this early attempt I promise I'll get better.

If nothing else I'll guarantee that this year will be an experience not to be missed if I can manage to write about it coherently.

So this is a blog about me (I'm not shy, I'm just NOT photogenic, except for my feet, which I can shamelessly say are lovely) .....

.... and the boyfriend (while I do think his hands are gorgeous,
really he refuses to submit to being photographed unless he is a mysterious personage)....

... and the puppy, Anubis ....

And it's about the incredible complications of trying to merge our lives.  Boyfriend is a calm, organized, vegetarian, Israeli software developer who loves movies, smartphones, and washing dishes *just so* (by that I mean the "right way" whatever that is).   We argue all the time about the dumbest things.  Sometimes I can tell he wants to laugh but he doesn't cause he's trying very earnestly to make a point.  I think he has some form of OCD that's very intermittent and leads him to give you lectures about why you shouldn't do things that I swear even a monkey with bad manners wouldn't even do.

I am ... well, Canadian, and while I rarely eat meat it's cause it's expensive but not cause I don't love it! I worked in accounting until I got abruptly fired after the worst year of my life, and now ... well, this summer I hope to get a job delivering auto parts, and I'm not even kidding about that:  a whole summer to listen to music, drive around, do something physical, and hang out with parts guys & mechanics who are kind of awesome and maybe if I play my cards right they'll show me how to fix the rattling noise in my car :)

I love my immediate family and someday we want to all buy a big tract of land and build a bunch of houses spaced just far enough apart for privacy but not so far that we can't see each other all the time.  Right now my sister lives SO far away from me and it is hard bordering on painful not to see her and my gorgeous tiny niece and nephew.

On the Blog's Title
I'm really not aiming for depth by way of obscurity with this blog title. (If you can't see all the way to the bottom of a body of water, it doesn't necessarily mean the water is deep: it could just be a dirty puddle - the story of the blog title is definitely puddle-deep!)

I wanted to call this blog "MissMatch". Just like that. Short. Simple. Sweet, even.

Unfortunately the blog address and all the near approximations that I wanted were taken in 2007 and 2008 by angst-y teens (at least I REALLY hope they were teens) ridden with guilt or self-loathing - or, in most cases, ex-girl/boyfriend loathing - who all made one blog post at the height of their tearful regretful rage and then . . . never wrote in the blog again.

am still holding a little bit of a grudge against those talentless thugs,
holding _my_ address hostage .... but i'm working on that

On the other hand, if you want to have a flashback to when you were a hormone-tousled-drama-king/queen-hysteric, go check out the blogs on blogger.com incorporating the word mismatch/ed & missmatch/ed.

Anyway, since in the past I have been accused of being a tiny bit stubborn, I wasn't about to give up on my plan. I ended up having to deciding to choose an adjective which hadn't been taken before and adding it to the address. So - to cut a long story short: the title of this blog is supposed to refer to 1) "(The) Divine Miss Match" (of course, being me, I'm very modest that way) and 2) "Divinely Mismatched" which is the best way I can think to describe my life, my relationship, and my value system, which has changed so dramatically in the last few years but most especially in the last few months.  But in the interests of brevity - more on that later (you'll thank me for that when you read blog post #2 where I try to explain it briefly ... and fail .....  :).


I've been trying to write this introduction for a REALLY long time and if I don't just post something I'll never post anything.  So.... be kind, dear future readers.  Someday we can all look back on this and laugh at the awkwardness, the clumsy imitation of the classy glossy blogs I love, and the poor segues.  Not to mention the rambling.  This should be called mismatched "ramblings" but that blog title is probably taken too.

There WILL be more pictures in the next post, I promise :)

Talk to y'all soon ....

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