Monday, 6 June 2011

I missed you, Internet!!

I've just spent the last two hours reading everything I've missed on every blog I've followed, drinking endless cups of delicious Chai tea (with soy milk ;)
I woke up this morning and remembered "WE HAVE INTERNET!!!" and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  Then I looked at the clock and realized it was 4:48 am, and forced myself to lay there and go back to sleep again (it was hard, people!) just like the aforementioned child on Christmas morning, until the slightly more reasonable hour of 6 am.

Getting internet was incredibly complicated.  I won't even bother to summarize it, except to tell you that it was supposed to be "turned on" 9 days ago, and every single day we called the internet provider to say "Um, we still don't have internet".  For the first 4 days they said, "Hmm, we don't have an account for you" then "Yes, it's ready to go - at a service address that is WHERE YOU USED TO LIVE ... ooooops!!"  The next 2 days were: "Oh, don't worry, it's scheduled for tomorrow, top of the queue".
Then 3 days ago it was "Hmmm, it's turned on.  Are you SURE you remembered to plug in your modem?  Let's transfer you to technical support."
Yesterday we got a visit from the technical support guy.
Turns out - the lines for the internet weren't actually connected to anything.  Actually, the lines themselves weren't even THERE in some places.  And the connection that was activated .... didn't go to our condo.

But on the bright side - we now have incredibly fast internet that is gonna be free for a few months.  They upgraded us to "TURBO" connection (reminds me of a razor blade commercial ... I guess this is the seven-blade version) for the same rate as the basic package.

So - while it was the most horrible week of my life (well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration) I now have internet and life is worth living once more :)

Updates: we have moved into the new place and are half unpacked.  Well, mostly unpacked, except that I keep remembering things that I THOUGHT I packed but it turns out I left them behind with my brother who is making the trek out here sometime in the next few weeks.
So apparently when he gets here we'll be unpacking the equivalent of half our stuff again - I can't wait to see my pepper mill again!! - and while we are sparsely furnished, everything that's in this province is unpacked.

Anyway I wanted to share some "before" pictures of the place....

 Living room - taken from kitchen doorway.  Towards the end we were packing in plastic bags because they were easier to jam into small spaces in the car....
 In the centre of this photo you can see my "craft corner" - right now, literally the corner - all my fabric, yarn, sewing tools, etc. plus my *new* computer .... waiting to be set up.
 A blurry (sorry, camera phone only) shot of the kitchen from the entry way.  The couch really is an unfortunate colour and clashes terribly with the walls, but ... oh well.  It is mostly comfortable except that if you try to lounge on it the seat cushions, while attached, start to try to slide off the frame.  Which is, needless to say, not comfortable.
 This is where the TV (when I get a job and we buy one) will go.   You can see my 'craft corner' (and Anubis' bed) in the bottom right corner.  I'm halfway through unpacking and this wall just sits there, taunting me with its emptiness.  I don't even want a TV, but I am already sick of the blank wall, lol....
And living room yet again, shot from the patio doors, showing through into the truly tiny kitchen.
 Galley style kitchen, design of which limits me to taking pictures of each side cause I can't get both into one shot.
We have only one sink.  You cannot imagine how irritating this is.  Our next apartment is going to be so hard to find cause I have so many "must have items" now it's not even funny.

 Another must-have item:  a south facing apartment NOT buried in trees.  The owner of the condo told us she loves this tree because it feels like she's in the woods even though it's a busy 3-building condominium.  I hate this tree.  It blocks what few hours of sunlight this patio gets.  For about an hour and a half we get sun coming through the tiny space between the tree and the building, to the right of this shot.
If I want to sunbathe, I have to lay (basically) on the floor mat here, rotating slowly to escape the encroaching shade.  And even then it only lasts a few hours. Being unemployed I also have time right now to move my basil from one side of the deck rail to the other every afternoon to catch both moments of sunlight when they manage to peek in around the stupid giant tree.
[Is my bitterness about the tree showing a little bit here?]

Being a not-that-private person I really could care less if some really intrepid folks decided to look in and see what I was doing on my patio.  One thing I've learned is that a lot of people are just not that observant, or not that concerned with what other people are doing.  The condo across the way is just too far for anyone without binoculars to observe details, and it's too high for anyone walking by to be able to see anything, and even if you looked through the slatted rails, it's STILL impossible to see details.

So the tree is just annoying.  On the bright side, we live across the street from a big, gorgeous park, and really, I should shut up, cause I can just walk over there.  I just don't like the doom and gloom in the condo most of the time.  And I really wanted to grow tomatoes on my deck :*(

Stupid tree.

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