Thursday, 12 July 2012

Note:  Originally written in May 2011 - not posted cause I thought it sounded too bitter.  Now I think it's okay, mainly cause while the boy's OCD is not a bit better, he's at least aware of it, and I can talk about it without sounding petty!

This is the story of why I want a balcony :)

As I write this, boyfriend is sitting on the couch behind me along with his brother.  They are "hanging out" on a lazy Sunday morning.  Except for boyfriend, apparently this means going through the list of movies his brother has, saying "That's lousy" - "This is a terrible movie" - "Why do you even have this one?" - "You should never have kept this".  Boyfriend's brother is getting irritated.  I'm getting irrritated just listening to it :)  He says I'm supposed to be on his side in these arguments:  I say sure, but first, 'your side' has to be less irritating!

On top of this being his idea of fun, he's also the kind of person that if he's not kind of (this sounds terrible but it's true) "kept in check" his tendency towards being OCD/super-crazy-anal-neat-freak would have Mother Theresa hurling curse words and flower pots at his head.  I firmly believe that it is my job to remind him that there are other people in his world and he has to let some things slide.  He's very fond of saying "I just ask you to do this one thing, and it's really important to me" but somehow his OCD doesn't extend to keeping lists, not even mental ones, of how many "one things" he really asks of me.

Anyway, he's a vegetarian.  So he's said: "I'm okay if you want to eat meat, but the one thing that's really important to me is that you don't cook fish in the house.  Ever."  (Well, he asked that I not cook meat in the house, ever, but I said no way, this is my place too!). So I figured fine, here's the compromise:  I'll cook on the balcony.  He's still not happy about it but this is the part where he pushes, and I push back.  Just doing my job, people!

The apartment boyfriend fell in love did have a balcony, but the apartment was a ground-level in a really fancy condominium and basically the balcony was more like a common area / sidewalk.  It was beautiful, with planters (that I couldn't use) and columns and landscaping, but you could not 1) put plants on it, 2) put chairs on it unless you faithfully brought them in again, 3) leave anything you like outside cause it could get stolen, and 4) you could not barbeque on it.  Here's a picture to illustrate (try not to be distracted by the prettiness, this balcony is a PROBLEM :) ....
from googlemaps

So - when we got approved for ... I think the third apartment we'd applied for? ... and it was beautiful without being too shiny, close to boyfriend's school (9 minutes!), backed onto a park with a huge outdoor pool, was steps from the trailhead to a massive network of walking/hiking trails that went up the mountain and down the cliffs to the beach, and had a bathtub, balcony, and smart-card laundry .... well, we still debated, but eventually we couldn't say no.

This is a balcony picture - it's not our balcony, but it's from the same building.  Somehow we completely failed to consider that taking pictures might help us decide so we took exactly ZERO pictures:

I promise I'll post pictures as soon as we move in, and you can see our actual balcony.....and everything else.

Countdown is 6 days till moving day.  I can almost smell the barbeque now :)

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