Friday, 15 March 2013

Reviewing a product, baby - my SodaStream!

For my birthday my husband bought me a SodaStream.  I'd love to give him credit for being a psychic genius, but the truth is he'd been listening to me beg and plead.  My more recent (evil) tactic was to make sure that I asked him to pick up my club soda (which I drink by the case!) from the grocery store.  He detests carrying large, heavy things that don't fit easily into a bag.  (Like everyone I know - including myself -  he makes it a personal challenge to carry every single purchase he makes from the car into the house in one trip.  Sometimes this means that he is wider than the doorframe, which is quite comical to me.  Is this some kind of modern competitiveness thing to replace the adrenaline rush we used to get from running away from rabid hippopotamuses? [Sidenote: Merriam-Webster is no help on how to spell the plural.  Hippopotami?] And now I have that Christmas song stuck in my head.  Sorry, all!)
Anyway, my carefully executed plan was to make sure that every.single.time that he went shopping I texted him with a peppy little "Don't forget my soda, honey! Love you!" and carefully ignore the little scowly-faced emoticon he would send back.

Product review:  it works great and it's very easy to use too, although it is loud (I can't make soda while my daughter is sleeping or it will wake her up, and she's _not_ a light sleeper) and the 'three buzzes' it's supposed to make when it's done are more like honks - and I rarely need to wait for 3 before I'm perfectly satisfied with my fizziness!  It also tends to go from 'not quite fizzy enough' to 'erupting over everything' in about .5 seconds.

My only complaint would be that this product feels extremely flimsy.  I've only had it for a month and so far there is no sign of wear & tear, but all the components are plastic, the case is very lightweight plastic, and the only solid part of it is the CO2 canister.  It remains to be seen if I should have invested in the higher end version of this product; I guess I'll find out as time goes by!

I only wish I was a famous, important, and most importantly, PROLIFIC blogger that could get attention by posting this little note - attention in the form of about 35 'free' CO2 canisters.  But thought I'd share this in case someone is out there, pining after one, wondering if it's crap, or looking for a sneaktastic solution to get it as a 'present' instead of having to treat yourselves!  Perky text messages that feign obliviousness to your husband's blatantly obvious dislike for the chore.  That's the trick.

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